dialog, Digital Audio and Components (4 mins 16 secs), 2010.

dialog is an audio piece highlighting one side of six pre-recorded conversations. The piece is typically accessed by calling a 1-800 number. The viewer hears only responses. The responses are one-liners that affirm, support, and comfort. There is a monotony to the clips and the audio becomes a rhythmic pattern. We know each other’s needs and our responses become scheduled as does our ability to weave our own needs/insecurities/egos into the conversation.  By listening to audio through their own personal phone, the viewer hears the familiarity and similarity of our universal need to connect, alongside our reliance on one another to listen. (The 800 number is only active when on view, so the video documentation gives you access to what you hear when the number is active).

© 2016 Emily Scott Beck